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Introducing P3 System (Patent Pending) :

Revolutionize Your Affiliate Events with Precision Tracking

Empower Your Network, Maximize Your Rewards

Welcome to the future of affiliate networking with the BeeKonnected P3 System - the pioneering platform feature designed to transform how your organization manages big events and affiliate tracking. With P3, unleash the power of dynamic affiliate coding to ensure flawless tracking and attribution, making every invitation and referral count.

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Dynamic Affiliate Integration

Seamless Tracking From First Click To Final Sale. Every affiliate member gets their code dynamically inserted into their referrals, ensuring that every invite sent out is accurately tracked back to its source.

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Live Insights

Track Your Success In Real Time. Make informed decisions with up-to-the-minute data at your fingertips. Access to analytics that show how your network is expanding and which affiliates are performing the best.

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Automated Awards

Effortless Incentive Distribution. Say goodbye to manual tracking and calculations. The P3 System automatically correlates data to ensure that the right affiliates are rewarded for their efforts.

Grow Your Network Into A Community

At BeeKonnected, Your Reach is Limitless. Amplify Your Impact Like Never Before by Leveraging the Power of the Affiliate Program.

Precision Tracking,

Perfect Attribution

With the P3 System (Patent Pending), never miss a beat. Our advanced tracking technology ensures every referral is perfectly attributed, so you know exactly how your network performs.

Boost Engagement,

Strengthen Connections

Encourage active participation within your community by making every referral count. With the P3 System (Patent Pending), members see the direct impact of their efforts, boosting motivation and engagement.

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$49.95/month per user

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Ray Harrison

iHub Global | National Team

Leader & Sales Director

"The BeeKonnected P3 System is a game changer for anyone in the direct sales arena or an affiliate program. Now superstar presenters can "sell" the product or service, and all the representatives benefit from their brilliant performance. This removes the dreaded sales killer at the end of a presentation where the presenter typically says... “Get back to the person that invited you.” Now they can simply point people to the button on the screen, and everything is tracked back to the right referral.

This is unique to BeeKonnected and will enable companies to grow like never before and provide massive momentum for teams."

Your Questions Answered: P3

Yes, the P3 System is still active on replays. After your virtual meeting or live stream, your affiliates can share the videos through their unique link, and all sales will be attributed correctly through the P3 system.

Yes! When a new affiliate joins your team, that member will have a unique link for all upcoming virtual meetings and past replays. Those affiliates will have a wealth of videos ready to go, and you have the confidence that everything is accurately tracked.

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With BeeKonnected's P3 system (Patent Pending), experience unmatched tracking accuracy and network growth like never before.

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